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Equipment and integrated solutions for housing and utilities

Equipment and integrated solutions for housing and utilities

Advantages of metering units

Energy accounting system is used to measure, analyze and report the energy consumption. It is the first step to improve the energy efficiency of the facility. Use of metering units allows you to solve the following tasks:

  1. Calculate only actually energy consumption.
  2. Control over the volume of consumed energy resources and create transparent system of accounting of energy resources with resource-supplying services based on reliable accounting data.
  3. Create a goal to reduce energy consumption: use actually consumed energy resources data from the metering units, calculate how much consumption can be reduced and how much can be saved by implementing energy accounting system.

Normative-legal regulation

  • Federal law of the Russian Federation No.261-FZ of 23.11.2009 "On energy saving and energy efficiency improvement and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation"
  • Order of the Ministry for Regional Development of the Russian Federation No.273 of 07.06.2010 "On the Approval of the methodology for calculating the values of target indicators in the field of energy saving and energy efficiency improvement in comparable conditions".
  • Rules of fiscal metering of heat energy and heat carrier, approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No.1034 of 18.11.2013.

Heat Meters

Heat meters are intended for continuous measurement of heat consumption in closed and opened systems of heat supply. They are used in housing and utilities, and other sectors of the national economy for both technological and commercial accounting.

Metering units can be used in both with typical cut-in sensors or straight sections, as well as with unique high-precision removable flow and temperature sensors.

Heat meters can be installed to measure the energy consumption on pipelines of small and large diameters, from almost any materials and at any pressure. Heat meters are provided with housing design of IP67 protection class and perfectly operate in most climatic zones of our country.

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